Construction & Technical Skills Training Middle East Market

Workers destined for the Middle-East market undergo 2-months of intensive residential-based training in a particular skill with the structured training syllabus provided by us, and most are able to successfully complete their training and assessment at the end of the 2 months. Trainees enrolled in this program are trained up to the Journeyman Level.

Even though currently it is not mandatory for workers destined to the Middle East market to be professionally certified, we do believe that such certifications will definitely put our candidates in good standing with their future employers.

The candidates undergo a series of lectures to ensure that they are provided with a solid theoretical foundation in the skills that they are being trained in. Once the basics are covered, then it's on to the intensive practical sessions whereby they will be coached and supervised by their Instructors and Supervisors, many of whom had several years of working experience overseas and are experts in their trade as the saying goes 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

Their Instructors and Supervisors will also provide daily feedback on their individual performances so that each trainee can focus on improving their own area of weakness.

To further enhance the training, simulated assessments for both the theoretical aspects and practical exercises are conducted for our candidates to ensure maximum readiness to assume future responsible assignments.